Marchfeld (Austria)

 2017 – 2019 Stopfenreuth


Construction of sealing walls for rehabilitation of flood protection dam

Rehabilitation of an existing dike along the river Danube with Mixed-in-Place Cut off wall to improve the water impermeability and to assure the stability of dike system.


The Marchfeld is an approximately 900 km² large plain of a clayey rock sequence and gravel, which forms the part of Lower Austria bordering Vienna to the east, one of the largest plains in Austria. It is bordered in the east by the river March, the border river between Austria and Slovakia, and in the south by the Danube and its floodplains (e.g. Lobau). In the north, it is bordered by the foothills of the so-called Weinviertel region from “Wiener Bisamberg” to “Angern an der March”.


Employer: via donau; Österr. Wasserstraßen -Gesellschaft mbH


Client: ARGE HWS Donau Baulos 6 (Arge HAIDER – BAUER)


Scope of Works: approx. 56.000 m² Mixed-in-Place Cut-off Wall; thickness 55 cm; depth up to 15 m


Equipment: RG 18 and RG 25


Geology: gravel, sand, silt


Construction period: Nov. 2017 to March 2019