Dogern40 years ago, the Aubecken Reservoir in the river Rhine was put into operation next to the village of Dogern. Due to leaks in the ring dam of the pumped storage equalizing reservoir, the owner Schluchseewerk AG decided to overhaul it. BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH produced around 13,500 m² of cut-off wall using the Mixed-in-Place (MIP) technology in geotechnical demanding soil conditions over a length of 980 m. The method offered significant time and cost savings over alternative construction methods.



Employer: Schluchseewerke AG


Consultant: RMD Consult GmbH


Client: Schluchseewerke AG


Scope of Works:


Cut-off wall: 13500 m³ Mixed-in-Place wall without pre-drilling with connection to the rock by passing through the weathered mudstone layer. Thickness 55 cm; depth up to 20 m


West connection: temporary embankment supported by a steel structure and a 3-row grout curtain from the embankment by jet grouting •


East connection: pre-drilling with bored pile rig. Remove steel parts and coarse stones and backfill the hole. Production of the cut-off wall by means of MIP device. Connection to the inlet and outlet structure by means of two jet grouting columns.



Equipment: RG 25 Mixed-in-Place; BG 24 H (pre-drilling); IB 10 (jet-grouting)


Geology: gravel, sand, silt, weathered mudstone


Construction period: 2016


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