Bauer Competency in Concrete Technology for Cut-off walls

Bauer Concrete Competency has been established and has been constantly progressing due to:



  • In-house scientific research supported through academic cooperation with partner universities, investigating and assessing materials’ influence on the installation process and their influence on the final, integral quality of the wall or pile.






  • Cooperating in standardization, e.g. as member of the concrete task group, established by TC 288, the Technical Committee of CEN in charge of European Standards for Execution of special geotechnical works, amongst them Diaphragm Walls or of the tremie concrete task group of the Concrete Institute of Australia (i.e. "Guideline on Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations").





  • Consulting in operational works, hence giving project-specific advice in concrete design, raw materials and concrete testing as well as quality assessment, in all construction phases from planning, calculating or finally executing the dam rehabilitation project.





  • Bauer aims to support own projects in all matters and steps of materials’ use for deep foundation works. Regarding concrete for dam rehabilitation principal demands have to be specified in order to proof both sufficient fresh and hardened concrete properties:






  • According to Bauer’s experiences gathered in own research, standards and consulting works the concrete, prior to its application in a project, must be properly designed, specifically tested and optimized. For placing concrete in deep excavations, the fresh concrete behavior must be understood and required properties must consequently be controlled throughout the concreting process.


Liquid consistency
Soft consistency
Plastic consistency


  • It is Bauer’s experience that the cut-off wall construction safety, in terms of its function as a water barrier, should not be based on the ultimate limit state thus on the strength of the plastic concrete used but on its deformation capacity,as it is a common practice for the service limit state.


  • Permeability and erodibility, both must, within defined ranges, ensure the demanded serviceability of the wall.