The continuous Seepage Barrier

Cutter Flap Control

Based on extensive experience Bauer uses methods, equipment and techniques which allows safe construction of continuous, homogenous cut-off walls.

Successful function of a cut-off wall depends on essential requirements:

  • embedment
  • continuity
  • homogeneity

Therefore, the cut-off wall is built with overlapping primary and secondary panels using a special construction process. The main steps in cut-off wall construction are deep panel excavation followed by concreting. Deep excavations are done with Bauer Cutters and/or Grabs – high quality maintained bentonite suspension provides efficient stability during panel excavation.


Operators Screen

Special developed electronic systems (B-Tronic) used in all Bauer machines allow the verification of the correct installation of each panel. In addition to other parameters, actual deviation and depth are shown online on a computer screen enabling the operator to control the excavation process. All parameters are recorded continuously for QA/QC purposes (B-Report). Additionally gathered data, using Inhouse 3-D-rendering tools produce a diagram showing the wall continuity.

To verify panel information an ultra sonic measuring system is also used.

3-D-rendering of a cut-off wall

After the excavation process is finished the bentonite suspension is displaced by concrete. In accordance with international standards all plastic and/or structural concrete mixes are developed
and approved in our labs and are designed by our experts.

By using our professional employees on all our projects, Bauer guarantees the quality of the Bauer cut-off wall to meet the required specifications.