Saaldorf-SurheimComplete dike rehabilitation over a length of approx. 3 km. Due to the risk of flooding on the river Salzach, the work was successfully carried out in winter in day and night shifts at extreme minus temperatures.


The river Salzach is a right tributary of the river Inn and with a length of 225 km its longest and richest in water. It flows in the province of Salzburg (Austria) and in Bavaria (Germany), is one of the major Alpine rivers and drains the eastern Hohe Tauern to the north. The Hohe Tauern are a high mountain region of the Central Alps in Austria.



Employer: Wasserwirtschaftsamt Traunstein


Client: ARGE Deichsanierung Triebenbach / ARGE Schmölzl - Bauer


Scope of Works: 12600 m² Mixed-in-Place Cut-off Wall; thickness 40 cm; depth up to 6 m


Equipment: RG 16 T


Geology: gravel, sand, silt


Construction period: 2016 – 2017