Construction of sealing walls in newly constructed dikes “Bergham” and “Natternberg Ort”


Deggendorf is a large district town in the Lower Bavarian district of Deggendorf. The university town with a total of over 37,000 residents is also known as a "Danube town and gateway to the Bavarian Forest" due to its location in the Danube valley, in the south at the mouth of the Isar and at the foot of the mountains of the Bavarian Forest. The oldest documented finds in the Deggendorf area come from Old and Middle Stone Age hunters and gatherers and are at least 50,000 years old. Archaeologists assume that a Neolithic settlement of Linear Pottery existed on and around the Natternberg in today's district of the same name before more than 5000 BC.



Employer: RMD Wasserstraßen GmbH, München


Client: Ammand


Scope of Works: 17000 m² Mixed-in-Place Cut-off Wall; thickness 37 cm; depth up to 8 m


Equipment: RG 16 T


Geology: gravel, sand, silt


Construction period: 2018