Karkheh Dam, Iran

The Karkheh River Reservoir is designed to provide electricity and agricultural water for the area of Khusistan.


The key aspect of the scheme is an earthfill dam with clay core, which will have a creast length of some 3,000 m and a maximum height of about 100 m.


A cut-off wall was designed to prevent seepage of water below the central clay core of the dam. The excavation of the cut-off
wall was done using Bauers trench cutter technology BC 30.


An excavation depth reached to about 80 m and thickness of the wall varied between 800 m and 1,000 mm.


The ground consisted predominently of very thick stratum of conglomerates in a cohesive matrix interbedded with layers of mudstone.

Scope of work:  Construction of 40,000 m² cut-off wall (First Phase)