Hodges Village Dam in Oxford, USA

Cut-off wall by the Bauer Cutter technique for repairing leaky dam. The existing dam had experienced significant water seepage problems at a New England Dam District. During floods of 1968, 1987 and 1993, water seeped under the dam and caused local flooding. This situation is similar to what is happening at the Herbert Hoover Dike Reach 1. The district engineers fixed the problem by hiring Bauer to install a 2 ft. thick concrete underground cutoff wall to seal the pervious open gravels and boulders beneath the existing dam. The 24” thick cut-off wall for the dam embankment was 2,075 ft. long and up to 140 ft. deep. The cutoff wall for Dike 1 is 1,300 ft. long. Both walls extended 5 ft. into very hard rock. Total cut-off wall area installed was almost 250,000 sf. Success of the project was due to the utilizing the Bauer Cutter technology which enables a slurry trench to be excavated into hard rock while maintaining exact alignment and accurate quality control to prevent any gaps in joints and contamination of the wall.