Drilling and Grouting Works - Toker Dam Project, Eritrea, Africa

The dam is located in the highlands of Eritrea/Africa, approx. 20 km north east from Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, in the stream of two seasonal rivers, Toker River and Menkai River.
Due to two rainy seasons per year the water level of these rivers varies a lot. In order to have a balanced water supply for the capital, the construction of the Toker River Water Supply was decided.

Via pipeline the reservoir is to be connected with a existing water treatment plant.

To ensure the dam against underflow, a grouting curtain has to be performed.

Basic Datas:   
 Total Height:  74m 
 Spillway Height:   64 m
 Total Width:   264 m
 Maximum Offset:    52 m
 Capacity:  15 Mio m³
 Details of Construction:


Spillway for overflow

Stilling basin

  Depth of grouting curtain: max. depth = 45 m below foundation.


Scope of work:

 Rotary percussion:  
 Consolidation grouting:  2,562 m
 Curtain grouting:     4,683 m
 Core drilling:  
 Foundation drainage holes:  2,556 m
 Dam drain holes:   1,520 m
 Grouting: approx.    1,450 m³