Aramon, France

  • 06/17/2019

The Mixed-in-Place cut-off wall was successfully completed in March 2019 by BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH. In total 12,500 m² Mixed-in-Place (MIP) cut-off wall with a width of 550 mm and a maximum depth 23 m were executed.


The geology can be described as superficial fill within the dike above sand and gravel layers with few limestone blocks, followed by weathered limestone above hard limestone.


To reach the specified challenging depth and for embedment into the weathered limestone a modified drilling rig BG 40 was utilized for the works.


The dike along the Rhone river, close to the town of Aramon in the Provence, was affected by a zone of active leakage through the body taking out fine materials over years. The leakage impact did not only bring fine soil material to the dike toe but left decompressed areas in the dike leading to unsafe dike conditions.


The actual rehabilitation of the dike extended over a length of 570 m along the right bank of the river Rhone close to the village of Vallabrègues. The main target of the rehabilitation was to create an impermeable barrier through the dike axis into less permeable ground stopping the seepage through the dike with its detriment effects.