Jannah Dam, Lebanon

  • 06/28/2019

The bulkhead, executed as overlapped rows of diaphragm walls, was successfully completed in February 2019 by BAUER Lebanon.


The deep excavation to the dam foundation level is supported by an arch-shaped bulkhead. The bulkhead (diaphragm) walls with a total area of about 3,610 m² were constructed, utilizing Bauer BC 40 cutter, in alluvial deposits, mostly in zones with noticeable permeability, which aggravated the challenges related to the locally encountered artesian conditions. The three parallel running overlapped diaphragm walls, each with a wall thickness of 120 cm, are connected by a capping beam.


Despite the challenges faced, with considerable full-face rock excavation to reach and block the assumed cavities, the bulkhead construction works were finished ahead of the schedule to the full satisfaction of the client.