Jannah Dam (Lebanon)

  • 09/25/2019

After the successful completion of plastic concrete cut-off walls at the upstream and downstream cofferdams and the bulkhead, executed as overlapped rows of diaphragm walls, Bauer was awarded in May 2019 to construct a grout curtain.

The Jannah Dam, located on the Nahr Ibrahim River about 30 km North-East of Beirut, is designed as a massive arch gravity dam to store 38 Million m³ of water to feed the areas of Byblos, Beirut and its suburbs. The maximum height of the dam above the foundation level is 162 m.


Bauer was awarded the construction of a grout curtain along of the dam foundation and in the abutments, performing consolidation grouting of the rock below highly stressed parts of the foundation, and the final plugging of grout holes.


The grout curtain is to be executed in order to control seepage in the rock foundation of the dam, the maximum drilling depth will be about 80m in the foundation, but would be extended to 100m locally if necessary.


Special rails are constructed on the slopes in order to drill and grout the slopes ahead of the RCC dam construction.