Moose Creek Safety Dam Modification (North Pole, Alaska, USA)

  • 10/17/2023

The Moose Creek Safety Dam Modification project is aimed at addressing the risks associated with aging infrastructure while significantly extending the life of the Moose Creek Dam (MCD). MCD originally constructed in the 1970s using locally sourced materials with characteristics similar to the embankment and foundation soils, faces the challenges of deteriorating infrastructure. To mitigate these risks and ensure the continued functionality of the dam for many years, a series of modifications and enhancements are being implemented.


Scope of Work:

A barrier soil-cement-bentonite cut-off wall of 25,000 feet (7,620 m)-long, 65 feet (19.8 m)-deep, and 22 inches (56 cm) thick will be constructed with the use of Deep Soil Mixing. This barrier wall is a critical element when it comes to reinforcing the structural integrity of the dam and preventing potential breaches. In addition, two structure tie-ins will be constructed to ensure the longevity of the dam and prevent seepage.


Schedule of Work:

This project was awarded to BAUER Foundation Corp. in 2021 and involves extensive construction work which commenced in May 2022 and is scheduled for completion in October 2025.