Teesta Hydroelectric Project Stage VI, Sikkim (India)

  • 04/20/2021

Bauer was awarded regarding the following scope of works:


  • Jet Grouted Cut-off of about 4700 m² along the U/S Coffer Dam.
  • Cut Off / Diaphragm wall of about 4600 m² on the upstream side of the Barrage.
  • Pile wall consisting of about 10000 linear meter of 800mm diameter piles and
  • 60000 linear meter of anchors, to enable excavation for intake structure on the right bank


Execution period:
Start: April 2021

Duration: 44 Months (expected project completion: mid-2024)


The project is being located on the Teesta River, in the Sirwani village in southern Sikkim. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power generation.