Secant Pile Wall


Construction sequence

Prior to starting the construction of the pile wall, it is required to install a reinforced guide wall. The guide wall is necessary to ensure a correct positioning of the piles. It also acts as a guide for setting the casing and as guidance when drilling the first meters. The amount of overcutting depends on the pile diameter, the depth and the purpose of the wall (temporary or permanent use).

Casing installation with the rotary drive of the drill rig (pushing and rotation).

Drilling with bucket, auger or core barrel. Stabilization of the wall of the bore partially or completely with casings.

Concrete pour via tremie method.


Extract casing with the rotary drive (or alternatively with an oscillator) concurrent with rising concrete level inside the bore.


A series of primary piles are constructed first. After the primary piles have reached the necessary concrete strength the intermediate secondary piles are constructed. The con- struction of the secondary panel differs from the construction of a primary panel in so far as the casing and drilling tools cut into the adjacent concrete of primary piles.