Chabrouh Dam, Kesserwane, Lebanon


The Chabrouh Dam, located at approx. 1,900 m above sea level, is an integral part of the Ministry of Energy and Water Recourses program to exploit the surface waters as well as recharge of the groundwater table. In the last 25 years the population of the Kesserwan area have dramatically increased, which resulted in a high demand on water especially in low flow season.


Chabrouh Dam with its 8 million cubic meters capacity, will satisfy the lack in potable water in Kesserwane as well as in a part of the Metn area and this until 2025. The Chabrouh Dam is located in the Caza of Kesserwane, 40 km North-Est of Beirut, in a zone exempted from active faults with a soil strata providing stable foundations and adequate waterproofing.


 Scope of work:

Tunnel stabilization:

  • These works consist of drilling anchors in tunnels and spraying shotcrete.


  Drilling and injection of water cut off curtain in open air & insidetunnels:


    • single curtain line length 960 lm.
    • otal curtain area 52500 m2.
    • total drilling length 35000 lm.



Other drilling works:

  •  drilling in galleries for consolidation grouting purpose:
  • srilling 2200 lm.
  • grouting Qty 230 m3


Drilling in open air for consolidation of the plinth

  •  drilling 1100 lm.
  • grouting Q. 212 m3.


Drilling in galleries for drainage system installation.

  •  drilling 3679 lm.


Drilling for the anchoring of the plinth