Dhauliganga Dam, Himalayas, India

The Dam is located in the state of Uttarakhand at the border between India, Nepal and China of the Indian Himalayas. The dam is 56 m high. The crown length of the dam is 270 m.


The rock layer is formed of biotite and augen gneiss. The valley deposits are mainly fluvial deposits formed of sand and gravel with some streaks of marl layers. However, the main characteristics is the presence of boulders throughout the whole valley section at various depth with a size ranging from 20 cm to several meters.


For the sealing of the alluvia on which the 56 m high concrete-face rockfill dam is founded, a deep diaphragm plastic concrete cut-off wall had to be constructed. The head of the cut-off wall is connected to the dam face by an articulated plinth of unusual design.

For the execution of this cut-off wall, Bauer has mobilized on site one cutter, one grab and one chisel units.


Scope of work:

Provision of Equipment & Technical Support for the execution of:

    • Cut-off Wall
      Max depth: 70 m
      Wall surface: 8,000 m²
      Thickness:1000 mm

  • Soil Conditions: sand, stones and boulders, rock socket in granite and gneiss