Barrage Kébir, Dabarka, Tunisia

Barrage Kébir is a clay core rockfill dam with a maximum height of 70 m, a crest length of 885 m and storage capacity of 64 Million m3.

The aim of the Kébir Dam is to create a reservoir to enable water to be transferred to Sidi El Barrak reservoir. The dam is situated near the town of Tabarka, 8 km to the south of the town on the wadi Kébir.


For the new Kébir Dam, Bauer was assigned the construction of a sealing curtain by means of two parallel cut-off walls, one downstream and one below the clay core of the main dam.

The cut-off walls were constructed using the 2 phases method which involves the use of plastic concrete.

Scope of work:  6.000 m² plastic concrete cut-off wall with rock embedment depth of wall 12 m and length 500 Lm