Crinum Mine (Australia)

The project is located in Queensland, approx. 60 km northeast of Emerald.


We were engaged for the re-opening of a ventilation shaft required for the planned re-commencement of underground mine operations on the Crinum Mine project.

The shaft was closed 10 years ago. With 2 significant concrete ‘plug’ zones in between the previous backfill material that were deposited when the mine closed the shaft off.


Geology (artificial layer)

The concrete strength was 40-50 MPa, with weaker fill zones below


Scope of works:

Coring and gradually excavation of concrete plug layers



The above mentioned concrete plug layers had to reamed out and be gradually excavated to the 2.5m diameter size. Goal: to open the 6 meter diameter shaft in stages.

The shaft is 80 m deep from surface level, and Bauer Australia used an 84 m Kelly bar.



Construction Methods:           Coring and excavation of concrete plug

Construction Materials:                     

Main Equipment:                    BAUER BG 40

Construction period:               December 2021